Infrastructural Features of Junk Genius

Junk Genius
The kind of infrastructure at Junk Genius could be compared to that of an efficient processing industry working to generate pure and sustainable energy. Every process of junk management needs absolute care for quality, environment friendliness, recycling process knowledge and hygiene awareness. By using the latest technology tools and equipment Junk Genius is able to transform the large quantities of waste into recycled products and sources of energy. This is in fact an eco friendly method of energy generation which could be utilized for getting clean and sustained power and energy in the long run.

Efficient Waste Management from Junk Genius

  • Segregation of waste is the first step towards efficient disposal. The personnel from Junk Genius can visit your home and categorize the waste into many sections depending on factors like size, type, material, degradable nature and percentage etc.
  • Packaging of junk is another important criterion in efficient collection and transportation. The personnel from Junk Genius are capable of providing the right sort of packaging for preventing exposure to the external environment while transportation. Most of the trucks and vans used by Junk Genius are closed containers. Hence the probability of pollution during transportation is said to be nearly zero.
  • Debris and other construction materials need to be handled separately. Sand, concrete, mortar, metal and other compounds need to be segregated and grouped. The personnel from Junk Genius are experts in accomplishing these tasks efficiently. They recycle the metallic parts while using the sand, concrete and mortar for landfills. In fact these materials can also be use for filling up the low areas covered with swamp and other watery elements which cause pollution.
  • The personnel from Junk Genius break down the large and medium size wooden furniture into small pieces, when they are no longer usable. Many of the old wooden and metal furniture can be restructured and molded into recycled forms of furniture. Many of the charitable trusts can send them off to poorer countries in Africa and Asia for utility purposes. By providing such options, Junk Genius is also performing a charitable act for the communities in far off countries.

Recycling Plants and Junk Genius

Junk Genius

The system at Junk Genius is connected with many of the eco friendly recycling plans in around the regions in which they operate. They can convert most of the waste they collect into recyclable forms through their skills for segregation.

  • Reusing the harmful elements like lead, mercury, sulfuric acid, Hydrochloric acid and other chemicals is managed by Junk Genius efficiently. They segregate the materials from household battery, computer monitors, Televisions and other electrical appliances to be processed further. The refining and filtering processes help them in converting the waste chemicals back into reusable forms. Then they can safely send these elements off to laboratories, processing industries and other commercial and industrial applications.
  • The system at Junk Genius can convert the biodegradable junk from homes, restaurants, food processing units and other plants into natural fertilizers for agriculture, horticulture and aquaculture. By using these nature friendly methods, Junk Genius can help in preserving the eco system in the long run.