Body weight Calisthenics and Dumbbells – The Perfect Combination?

This is obvious that exercise is something which should be a part of everyone’s lifestyle. The reason why or motives to exercise may be different for each and every person. Some want to lose weight and burn off fat. Some want to build muscle. Some want to improve into the performance. But regardless of the reason behind exercising, everyone wishes the “best” exercise program.

body weight exercises in the street	street calisthenics 	This is where the problems start. What is the “best” workout? And the fact is, there is not one workout program that is right for each and every person and every goal. Therefore, rather than seeking to find the overall, ultimate best workout… use the workout that is best for both you and your goals.

In my opinion, the use of street calisthenics and dumbbells is the best way to exercise for just about any goal. So, no matter what workout program you decide is right for you, they must include bodyweight and dumbbell exercises. Here’s why…

Weight Calisthenics Are Perfect To get Training Unweighted Actions

A large number of people have been taught to feel that exercise is weight lifting and cardio. Make use of weight lifting to enhance durability and build muscle. Anything else falls in the hazy group of “cardio” and increases heart and lung function. This can be the wrong way to think about it.

Simply think of all the challenges of, sport and life that want the capability to move your own body around. The real world is packed with issues that don’t fit into the weight training/cardio format. Therefore, use bodyweight calisthenics to teach the body to move the way it was meant to move… without added resistance.

Hand weights Are great for Training Weighted Motions

The other type of challenges you’ll face in sport, work and life requires the movement of a weighted object. And more often than not, this movement will be achieved with both limbs in unison, one-by-one or in an alternating fashion. Therefore, train yourself for people real world challenges by using dumbbells as your measured resistance.

The furthest away from real-world training you can get is using gym machines. Being buckled into these machines coach muscles, not movements and make only small advancements to real world skills. You do want to perform great outside the gym don’t you?

body weight exercises in the street	street calisthenics 	This is why; the combo of body weight exercises in the street and dumbbells is simply perfect for training the body to go both in measured and un-weighted situations. Certainly not only will this improve performance for real life issues, but it builds great looking bodies as well. To better prepare you for the challenges of bodyweight and dumbbell workout routines, your body will garden storage shed that ugly fat, build athletic muscle and improve cardio respiratory endurance. So, for anyone who is looking for the “best” workout, look no further than bodyweight calisthenics and dumbbell workouts.


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