rigid table saw

Why you need a portable table saw for your woodworking shop

Anyone who is starting in the world of woodworking knows that a portable table saw is the most beneficial for them and can prove to be quite budget-friendly in the long run. Since starting a business is already so costly, buying a portable table saw that can help them get profit right from the start is crucial for the success of a woodworking business—it does not matter whether you start your woodworking business in a commercial area or you start it in the comfort of your home; in your garage, the main goal is to start your woodworking shop.

Aside from being budget-friendly to new carpenters they have a few features that can prove to be beneficial as well. They can help your business become portable and increase space. They come in two shapes. The first shape is for job site usages, and the second is for bench top usages. Therefore, if you are someone who wants to buy a portable table saw for your woodworking business then get a heavy-duty r4513 portable rigid table saw.

Features of a portable table saw:

The newest edition in the table saw industry are the portable table saws. They are very different to regular table saws when compared in designs. Aside from designs, there aren’t many differences, but a few minuscule ones—which does become somewhat more beneficial than a regular table saw despite having the same functions.

The following are the features of portable table saws:

  • Portable table saws come with a rip fence that is made of aluminum and consist of a distinctive rip capacity that is 20 inches long.
  • They can run on 110 volts of power because portable table saws have a 15A universal motor.
  • Portable table saws come without having wings as extensions on their table top that is made of aluminum or steel.
  • Portable table saws do not have a base.

Many portable saws do not have a base. The job site version of portable table saws has a base which is replaced with a stand that is foldable. The size of a portable table saw is small as compared to regular table saws—which is beneficial and does its name some justice when it comes to portability. Portable table saws such as a heavy-duty r4513 portable rigid table saw use aluminum, steel, and plastic to reduce their weight. Doing this can make it less stable, but the benefit here is that they can become portable and compact.

The universal motors used in the portable table saws are quite similar to that of circular saws. A considerable difference is seen in an induction motor and a universal motor, but it all depends on the task that is being performed.

Uses of portable table saws:

The following are the ways portable table saws are used mostly:

They are adaptable:

The main benefit of portable table saws is that they are portable and can be used at construction sites easily.

They save a lot of space:

Being light and compact has its advantages. When a portable table saw is used it doesn’t result in untidiness and can save the workers a lot of space which they can use for other things.

Therefore, if you want a portable table saw for your woodworking business, then a heavy-duty r4513 portable rigid table saw is what you should opt for.