Bye, bye back pain!

In today’s world, there’s often such a hectic schedule and such immense pressure and expectation to perform and execute that we are often stuck to a table or a desk preparing ourselves to give in our best and overcome all the competition. In the process what you completely ignore is our health and more often than not end up with a back pain or body pain of some sort and a very bad posture that is concomitant with the 9-5 job that you do. A Neuro Chiropractor is a health care professional who seeks to diagnose and resolve any of your neuromuscular disorders by reducing pain and increasing the functionality of the nervous system without the use of any prescription drugs, medication or surgery.

neuro chiropractor Who are Neuro Chiropractors?

A Neuro Chiropractor is a highly experienced, qualified and well trained professional who is an expert in the central nervous system consisting of your spine and your brain. They use functional neurology that aims to maximize the health of the brain and its cognitive functions with the rest of the body. The use nonsurgical method that has no side effects and has long lasting results. Their methods of treatment include eye exercises, breathing and physical exercises, cognitive exercises, nutritional modifications, coordination and balance activities etc.

What can they cure?

A Neuro Chiropractor uses non-surgical methods to treat a variety of problems that you might face using a regular exercise routine and other physical activities. They treat problems like

→Lower and upper back pain

→Neck pain

→Leg pain

→Pain arising from Arthritis

→Repititive strains


→Car accidents

→Sports injuries

What services do they provide?

■Digital Motion Study X-Ray – most often the pain is felt while moving and is difficult for the patient himself sometimes to pinpoint the exact place of the occurrence when the pain is caused somewhere deep inside the muscle. A Neuro Chiropractor uses moving X-Rays to identify the exact deep seated location of the pain.

■Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression – it is a safe alternative which is very effective in the treatment of pain without the associated risks of surgery, injections, anesthesia, infections or medication. This method uses a therapeutic table which is connected to a computer that electronically decompresses and stretches your spine allowing you to feel subtle pressure against it, significantly reducing and sometimes completely eliminating the pain.

■Cervical Traction – uses tension on the head pulling it gently away from the neck while stretching the ligaments and muscles around the spine and expanding the spaces between two vertebrae. When combined with chiropractic adjustments, it effectively reduces neck pain intensity while improving cervical curve and reducing forward head posture.

■Neuromuscular Re-education- it re-educated the brain and the spinal cord with the voluntary and reflex motor actions of the body. It is, however, a misnomer because the process mainly deals with re-educating the nervous system about the body.

neuro chiropractor

What to expect?

A Neuro Chiropractor when approached will not trick you into expensive therapy sessions because their aim is not looting you but provide you relief from the long lasting terror that is your pain. He will go through your medical history and conduct some thorough neurological exams to determine the cause and place of your pain and recommend what is best for you and your needs.

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