public figure

Ariana Grande happens to be a popular American singer and actress

Ariana Grande happens to be a popular American singer and actress. In Broadway musical 13 she went on to start her career and went on to appear in several television roles. At a later point in time, she lent her voice to various animated shows or serials.  She began her music career in 2013 and made rapid strides with the album yours truly. But it would my everything that went on to make her a household name. On the Billboard chart, she topped the list for a long period of time. If you analyse as per numbers available in 2017, her singles have been an attraction for 9 million viewers. She has gone on to receive a lot of prestigious awards. Coupled with the fact that she can be the voice of various charities and a popular celebrity on social media. Time in the year 2016, went on to rate as one among the 100 influential people of the world.

Her early childhood

By the age of 13, she started her music career, though the theatre was the main focus. In Los Angeles when she made her presence her first wish was to make an album. Their first reaction would be who on earth would be buying the album of a 14-year-old. She went on to continue her addition with a musical career.  Her school sends her the books so that she could go on to study with the tutors.


As per her inputs, she was of the opinion that she had a likening towards pop music and song of the 1990s. One of her main features was that she could go on to adapt to a host of styles. If you go through her social media page she has close to 15 million followers. In terms of numbers, she went on to stand at 27th rank. In the domain of Instagram, she ranks 3rd in the number of followers. On the other hand, her Twitter followers stood at 55 million. Within a short span of time, she has gone on to become the darling of the social media.

Public image

Her early look was more of an appropriate one. It would be taking into view that other pop stars had a leading public image. She went on to deserve less attention in the way she sang her song. In addition, her appearance had nothing noteworthy. On another level, she was not so popular among the fans along with reporters in 2014. As per her words she was not too much in favour of them. It would be something of a normal star behaviour and there was nothing more to it. But you could say that she did not allow others to take control of her life. She felt that there was more need to talk about her music along with achievements and not bother about small things. Of all the possible pop artists in the last few years, her transition has been the most seamless.