Some Very Important Things You Should Be Aware Of Before Going for Eyelash Perming

 It sounds enticing, doesn’t it? You sit relaxed, eyes closed while some certified technician works on your eyes. You open your eyes and viola, they have turned beautiful, much more than before you closed them. Sounds like a fairytale right where the fairy godmother swings her magic wand and the Cinderella turns into a princess with beautiful dress, slippers and a coach. But here is another scenario from the same magical dream. Imagine you wake up the next day and find your eyes have become extra sensitive. It is possible and just a gentle reminder that if that happens, you will not be the first one. There are adverse reactions of the eyelash perming believe it or not. So before you indulge yourself in this fairy tales, beware of the risks involved in it.

The Common Misconceptions about Eyelash Perming

If the reason for your going for eyelash perming is to get them appear darker or if you think your eyelashes will grow longer afterwards, you will be heartbroken to know that nothing of this sort happens. Yes, eyelash perming makes your lashes look longer immediately as they are flicked upwards and hence have become more noticeable. But the truth is that they don’t actually grow. Also, the light colored lashes require a different treatment for getting even a little darker. But even when you are trying to get a tint, mascara is still your safest bet.

Certain Warnings about Eyelash Perming in the present days

There are certain notable warnings about eyelash perming which are as follows.

  • Of course, there are very little chances that eyelash perming will get you blind, but there are other factors that you must consider before getting your lashes curled.
  • For one, the potent chemicals used in the perming makes your lashes fall quicker than they usually would.
  • The usual lifespan of eyelashes is around five months, and before they fall, a new eyelash grows in its place, but with perming, the lashes tend to fall in just around two months.
  • Not only that it might also make your lashes noticeably sparser and brittle and make them fall off.
  • They also make your lashes appear shorter.
  • Allergic reactions after the perming are also not unheard.
  • You might have sensitive eyes or irritation in your eyes after the process. For irritation, you can use eye drops for a few days for soothing them. Also, never ever try eyelash perming at home by yourself. It is the job of licensed cosmetologist.

Some Useful Solutions to Avoid Risks Involved In Eyelash Perming

 Some might find the idea endearing white some might find it scary. If you don’t want to take the risks involved in the eyelash perming and yet you want beautifully curled lashes, there are several other options that you can try.

  • You may apply Mascara and curler or eyelash extension.
  • Like the perming, eyelash extension is also a semi-permanent process which makes your lashes looks a little longer and curled as well.
  • If you have set your mind on not getting any eye related beauty procedure done on you, you can still get the desired results through makeup.

To sum it up, or can we – A brief conclusion

 Eyelash perming, no doubts, deducts some time from the makeup regime. It makes your eyes stay beautiful effortlessly, even after running, swimming and sweating. Sounds dreamlike, but before you indulge, don’t forget the price and the risk that it involves.