fallout 4 commands


Are you familiar with Fallout 4 console commands? If no and you still want to learn about fallout 4 commands then you are on right path. In this article, we provide you information about different console commands of Fallout 4 and their writing format.

Do you know why these commands are name as console?

These commands are named as console because they provide you comfort in playing games. When you are in trouble and trap in video games then these console commands are there to help you and drag you out from this trouble within a minute. Console commands are also called cheats because you can get extra powers and many other favors by using these commands, which are not provided by the games.

However, you cannot use these commands in comport turn or continuation mode. These commands provide you help at that time when you are in danger. When you need support from these commands then you need to put down the respective command, which you want to use. When you want to enter command your game stops and then you enter command these console commands and cheats in the separate console window which will appear after pressing tilde key (¬) or grave key (`) according to your respective keyboard.

Procedure to write target command:

You can write console commands in different way. For example: if you want to target a player, you can do it by two different ways:

  • You can use a console command for target that is target. Command
  • You can also target player by the help of reference id or by using mouse.

Starting zeroes:

You can also use item codes that have ids in place of console commands. Every character has only eight number identity of the reference and the id number contain zeroes so when you are entering ids all the starting zeros should be canceled.

Many commands at a time:

You can also enter one than one command if you want to execute them at the same time. The procedure for writing those multiple command is only to put semicolon (;) between those commands. You do not need to remove the starting zeroes in it you can write the same command as it is.

Searching command:

There is also a searching command, which name as quest. This command do a lot of function in many different ways. For example:

  • If you want to complete any of the given quest then you can write ascomplete quest (enter the id of that quest)
  • If you want to restart the quest then you can write asreset quest (enter the id of that quest) but one more thing this command may be cause damage to your game so while using any command make sure that you should have a backup for that game

Like the above commands and item codes, there are many more in fallout 4 commands. So go ahead to explore and become the ‘Gaming Champion’. Good luck!