Healthy food restaurants near me in U.S.A


If you are trying to find best healthy food restaurants near me then this article is very useful for you. Following is the complete list of restaurants that offer healthy food:

Founding Farmers

It is an outstanding restaurant for people who want to eat healthy food. It serves a tasty selection of seasonal dishes. It gets all the ingredients from farmers. It does not buy processed food. It does not include ingredients from super stores. It only includes fresh ingredients in food. The popcorn here is very famous which is served with sweet cinnamon sugar, savory rosemary, and spicy buffalo flavor. Other healthy food items are roasted vegetables and avocado sandwich with peppers, eggplant and goat cheese. Its fresh salads, flatbreads, and salmons are perfect.

Rancho’s Cocina

If you are looking for healthy Mexican food, then Rancho’s Cocina would be the best choice. It offers a huge range of fresh seafood. You can get gluten-free options, vegan, vegetarian, grilled salmon tacos and lobster burritos here. The soy vegan chorizo tacos, chips and salsa of this restaurant are very famous. The interior is awesome. The Mexican food served by this restaurant is better than any other Mexican food.

Piñon Market and Café

It is located in Salt Lake City. The meals here are very healthy and fresh. Seasonal meals are served here. Some of the best dishes here are pork tenderloin medallions with apricot chutney, pan-seared halibut, and Spanish vegetable roulade. The fats, proteins and carbs used in foods are healthy ones. Every food lover loves the meals served by this café.

Café Capricho

It is located in California. It is a natural restaurant that offers an amazing variety of natural spices. It offers both American and Mexican food. Poblano versions and butternut squash are very famous here. The creamy sauce is awesome here. The special salad comprises of citrus vinaigrette, sunflower seeds, strawberries, avocado, fennel, and butter lettuce.

Candle 79

It is in NewYork. If you want to eat delicious, healthy and easy vegan food then Candle 79 is perfect for you. The meals are gorgeous in terms of presentation and delicious in terms of taste. The main course food items, salads, raw dishes and beverages all are outstanding here.

Miya’s Sushi

The Sushi of this restaurant is undoubtedly one of the best sushi of America. The offerings of this Vegan restaurant are very creative and eye-catching. The ingredients used in the popular dish Warm Grapes Falling on a Happy Head are hot peppers, scallions, pickled radish, avocado, and eggplant. The ingredients used in Rikki Tikki roll are pine nuts, hot peppers, scallions, Chinese black beans, cauliflower, mushroom and roasted garlic. The ingredients of the great Kiss the Smiling Piggie roll dish are pine nuts, mango chutney, and sweet potato tempura.

Café Patachou

Café Patachou is also one of the best healthy food restaurants near me in America. It is located in Indianapolis. It offers organic food. All the ingredients are healthy. The coffee is amazing here. Some of the amazing dishes are house-specialty chicken salad, the turkey chili, Green Goddess salad and broken yolk avocado sandwich.

The above mentioned restaurants not only serve delicious and mouth watering meals but also very healthy and hygienic. You cannot question about the freshness of the meals served by these restaurants. All the ingredients are fresh, healthy and unprocessed. To find more visit  The Blog