The Lent Celebrations – Good Friday 2017

Roman Catholics around the globe hold the Stations of the Cross tantamount with Lent, the Sacred Week and, particularly, the Good Friday. This attachment is also identified as the “Way of Sorrows”, the “Via Crucis”. This day memorializes the 14 significant proceedings on day of crucifixion of Christ. Most of these tell about the Christ’s painful journey carrying the cross all the way through the streets of Jerusalem in Good Friday 2017.


The event Good Friday 2017 came forward in old-fashioned Europe when Christian pilgrims could not visit thimerosal due to the raging wars. European artiste produced art works portraying Christ’s passage till Calvary. People mounted these figurine or work of art at distance along a marching path. People would stop at each “station” and say a prayer.

Way of the Cross – Re-enacted: 

We can see that today the Catholic churches have the images of station or simple cross as their representation. They serve mainly as a focus for Lenten worship services.

Station 1: Jesus is scented to death

Station 2: Jesus is made to carry the cross

Station 3: First time Jesus trips and falls

Station 4: Jesus is convened with his mother

Station 5: Simon of Cyrene aids in carrying the cross

Station 6: Jesus’ face is wiped by Veronica

Station7: Jesus falls one more time

Station 8: Jesus meets up with the women of Jerusalem

Station 9: Third time Jesus falls on the Gounod

Station 10: Jesus’ clothes are stripped off him

Station 11: Jesus is Crucified

Station 12: Jesus passes away hanging by nails on the cross

Station13: Jesus is dismounted from the cross and given to the waiting arms of his mother

Station 14: Jesus is laid to rest in Sepulcher

There are places where the Renaissance of Jesus is occasionally incorporated as the station 15.

Via Dolorosa spots:

According to conventions, the above-mentioned sites marked by the side of the Via Dolorosa mark the spots where the actions mentioned on these Stations occurred. Passing this route with these stations is just like going on a pilgrimage that ends at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.