Phone camera vs. digital camera ?

If you want a Best Camera for Youtube then you are on the right place.

The solution is ‘promoting’ – the producers simply care about figures (the most important figure is the one with a £ or $ sign in

front of it) they’ll ‘mislead’ you purposefully to spend your cash on their latest ‘gadget’ (cellphone).

I purchase a mobile to make calls and send texts, I purchase a ‘smartphone’ to utilize as a cellphone, and access the web (briefly).

I would simply make use of the camera on a ‘phone’ to fast exemplify an injury for my insurance carrier.

If you’d like a ‘adequate’ camera then buy a dedicated camera – and then you need to beware the ‘advertising’, I recently bought a

Bridge camera ‘for back up’ For just under £200 with a 16 mega pixel sensor and gave it to a charity shop as the pictures were

not much better than that from a ‘disc camera’. (someone on ‘yahoo replies’ really counsels visitors to buy this product).

best vlogging camera

Size, if I need the attribute of a decent SLR or DSLR then I must buy a decent camera.

My standard DSLR for around 8 years was a Pentax ist DS (6 Mega-pixels) I trust this camera so much that I still use it.

The digital camera will have a larger detector, which is much better for low light performance, lower noise. It is prone to have a Xenon

It is likely got

optical zoom, which can be uncommon (if any have it at all) on cellphones. When phones use second-rate digital, it might have optical antishake

antishake. Though you may get a tripod clip that fits many phones and it likely has a tripod mount. But the finest camera, is the

one you have with you when the occasion to take the picture rises – and that, needs to go down as the ONLY win for the cellphone camera,

unless you constantly carry the digital!. Get The Vlog Camera for you.