Making of an Immaculate Society – Tran Siu | Brimbank deputy Mayor

It is said that every society has its positive and negative sides which are inseparable. Tran Siu | Brimbank deputy Mayor has dared to question this logic by introducing a series of reforming measures during his regimen. The aim is to reduce the negative elements through psychological transformations of the negative thoughts into positive actions. This could mean the center of gravity could tilt towards the progress oriented approach in the society. However this could take more than Herculean effort from the community members and the citizens as a whole. Trans Siu hopes to utilize the “wholeness” of effort to realize his goals of making an immaculate society.


Tran Siu | Brimbank deputy MayorTurning the Wheels of Change – Tran Siu | Brimbank deputy Mayor

For a long time the wheels of change have remained unmoved. This is despite the fact that society has made tremendous progress in the fields of science and technology. One could see sophisticated tools taking over everyday life activities. Comfort and luxury have penetrated into every household from making of morning coffee to the mixing of cocktails in the night. But still people are missing many things in life.

  • Tran Siu | Brimbank deputy Mayor hopes to bring social order in the communities by assigning specific roles to the members. The willingness on part of the people to contribute to the social growth can be the biggest step towards transformation.
  • Education and jobs for all is the primary goal of Tran Siu. Freedom from addictive behaviors, bullying mentality, lethargic lifestyle, social inequality and other self created negations is the ultimate goal. But achieving these goals could be like solving the jigsaw puzzle with the help of jumping toads. By the time one community is organized into discipline, two other communities might have jumped the gun and messed up the equation. This process requires consistent effort and lots of patience which Tran Siu | Brimbank deputy Mayor is blessed with.

Taking Responsibility like Tran Siu | Brimbank deputy Mayor

Tran Siu | Brimbank deputy MayorThe process of taking responsibility during social transformations takes lots of courage and ability to face criticism. Section of the critics could be really willing to point and the flaws and helping in setting them right. At the same time one could find many others who enjoy playing the blame game. Since they are clueless about the righteous path, they may not appreciate others going on that path. They may try to find non existing faults by pulling out the threads which are meant to bind the communities and the society as a whole.

  • Tran Siu | Brimbank deputy Mayor might be familiar with such incidents in the past and the present. However he seems to be undeterred in his commitments to social transformations.
  • One of the biggest troubles in the social transformations could be involvement of charity funds in brining the facilities to the deserving people. This takes a lot of effort and the brains of a financial expert to sort out all the confusions involved. One hopes the expertise of Tran Siu | Brimbank deputy Mayor will be able to solve the puzzles and set the social transformation wheel back in action.