The Incredible Life Of Pastor Chris

Nigeria is getting ready to celebrate 57 years of independence and along with it, Rhapsody of Realities is also doing its part to celebrate this important date. The book by them will be distributed to approximately 30 million people around the nation! This is truly an amazing feat. Rhapsody of Realities theme this year is to encourage people to dream big. They will also be taking part in projects that help the community. These projects include developmental projects, educational projects, and others. All of this fits into Rhapsody of Realities theme of dreaming big.

The anniversary celebration will go from October to November of this year. It will have a carnival-like atmosphere where participants will be wearing costumes that are green and white in color. In the middle of all of this, participants will receive a copy of the book and will take part in a prayer for salvation. However, it is not only ordinary folks who have received a copy of the book. Recipients also include the president and his staff members, military personnel, hospitals, school children and also prisons. The holy book was also distributed where large amounts of people gather such as football games and marketplaces.

The reason why the colors white and green are significant is that it is the official colors of the Rhapsodies of Realities Church. Followers of the church are very happy with the book, but interestingly, even people who are not officially part of the church have taken a liking to it. One reader who read the book has noted that when reading the book it lifts one’s mind and spirit. And she went on to thank pastor Chris for the chance to read the book, free of cost.

Pastor Chris, whose real name is Chris Oyakhilome, is Nigerian by birth. He is the founder of the famous church, Believers Love World Incorporated, which is also known as the Christ Embassy. The church is a bible based organization with its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. The church has several branches named Healing school, Love World Books, Inner City Missions for Children and of course Rhapsody of Realities. They also run three TV channels that only show Christian based content. Pastor Chris presides over large conventions where Christians congregate and do faith-based healing sessions. Some of these conventions can draw hundreds of thousands of people at one time.

Apart from starting the Embassy of Christ, Pastor Chris has done a lot of charitable work on his own time. He has spent time helping poor people get back to getting a normal life, helped nurse the sick by giving them medicine as well as by giving religious counsel, for the last 30 years. In short, he has helped countless men and women come out of poverty and sickness. In fact, he came up with the motto for the Inner City Mission for Children and it is “every child is your child”. This organization not only helps orphaned and abandoned children in Nigeria but all over the world. Over the years Pastor Chris has received several degrees and awards.