Facts about Shooting Range Ear Protection

Assessing the facts about shooting range ear protection needs to consider the design and functional parameters of the device under various conditions. You might use the device in training, practicing, sports events and hunting. The environment in which you use them may vary. Weather conditions may be favorable or harsh. Regardless of these factors the protective device must be able to produce the desired results.

Noise and Shooting Range Ear Protection

Noise is the destructive form of sound. When produced in low frequencies it can cause irritation. When generated in high volume and frequency it can cause irreparable damages to the ear, brain and rest of the body.

  • Any sound above 80dB is considered as noise. The gunshot noise can reach up to 160DB and above. When the ear is exposed to such high frequency and intensity, the hair cells within the ear get damaged. Called as Cilia, they perform the function of vibrating according to the sound waves entering the ear canal. It is their pattern of vibration which communicates the sound as meaningful “messages and sounds” to the auditory nerves. When the hair cells are damaged they don’t grow again. That means the process of hearing loss has already started.
  • This can be prevented by wearing the appropriate type of ear muffs while shooting. This is a device with ear cups, noise dampening foams, headband with protective pad and adjustable knobs. Make sure the components and parts are fixed with screws, rather than glue. This will be useful for replacement and ensure long life of the working components.

shooting range ear protection

How Shooting Range Ear Protection Happens

When the high pitch vibrations come in contact the ear muffs, the external surface of the cup deflects critical part of them due to its structural design. The rest of noise gets absorbed by the foam pad. The sound which enters the ear canal is reduced to less than 70DB which is in the audible range. The process sounds too simple, but the mechanism working to achieve this process could be complex, which is managed by the efficient shooting range ear protection device.

  • The material used to make the ear cup of the device is a combination of high end synthetic compounds. It gets molded with the technical specifications and design to deflect maximum volume of destructive noise away from the ears.
  • The twin layer foam material is able to absorb the sound waves entering it and convert them into harmless sound within the audible range. The process of material selection for the foam takes plenty of research work and practical tests under harsh conditions.
  • Cups are made to swivel and fit various head and ear sizes. The vertical knobs on both sides of the device ensure maximum comfort and grip. You can wear the device comfortably for a long time without experiencing any feelings of discomfort and irritation.

How to Get Shooting Range Ear Protection

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