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Radon, A Hazardous gas

decaying process of uranium usually results in a formation of a hazardous radioactive gas named as Radon. Human Health is at stakes when exposed to a certain level of radon. Researchers have found that radon is one of the basic causes of a cancer-causing agent of class a category. Prolonged exposure to radon to humans for a specific period of time is the major cause of cancer. Lung cancer has been identified to be caused because of the exposure of decay products of radon.



The major question that strikes our mind is that where this radon does contents come from? People usually are of the opinion that only those people who work for radioactive materials industries are exposed to the radioactive rays emitted by Radon. It’s a straight no. It’s true that those people are more exposed to it but the astounding fact about the source of radon is the soil or rock. The walls surrounding your living Space, Your offices including anywhere, do have radon contents and you are continuously exposed to it without having the slightest notion.


Radon Levels:

Being a hazardous radioactive gas, even the slightest radon levels are considered to be posing a serious threat to health.  The Environmental Protection Agency of USA has set the minimum of 4 Picocuries per Liter to be the threshold value of Radon that can cause the lung cancer in people.


Demand for Health Concerns:

Because of imparting serious damages to health, one should be aware of the level of Radon in home or anywhere in a workplace, commercial place etc. Keeping in view the damage Radon can impart, one should have these concerns about one’s health and get their surroundings, workplaces properly inspected and tested in order to make them radon free. This testing should also be done at the time of buying or selling any property for ensuring the health constraints.


Companies Roles:

Having this provoked awareness of radon among people has rendered people to initialize their startups for testing of radon in home, offices, domestic utilities and commercial utilities as well. Not only do these companies test the radon levels but they also make sure to make these utility radon free. But it’s not like that everyone can initiate this Radon Testing business. You have to get insurance and license for practicing it and once you are certified with the license, you can start your business. There are lots of people who don’t have enough knowledge yet they have started this business without keeping in view the sensitivity. So, in order to start testing of radon in the home, a good research is required to run this business.


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