Top Benefits from the Best CRM for Small Business

The utilities provided by the best CRM for small business are immense in nature. The system gives you the ability to centralize all the processes related to advertisement, marketing, lead generation and follow up, business conversion and customer retention. The software is supported by a flexible front end interface and a large backend database. Your marketing team members can input data from their mobile devices, track new leads and add them into the list of marketing campaigns. You will be able to view and print a wide range of reports related to market trends, customer preferences, lead follow ups and other customer related transactions in real time. The system acts a decision support tool with its wide array of charts and graphs.

User Interface of Best CRM for Small Business

best crm for small business
The best CRM for small business gives a flexible user interface for keying in marketing and lead generation data for your team. This is highly useful for the marketing personnel when they go to meet potential leads.

  • They can gather personal, contact and business details from the leads and store them in the centralized database. The data related to product and service preferences can give ideas about lead conversion methods to be followed for each potential lead.
  • The team can plan for marketing mails; follow up calls and other activities to ensure lead conversion into business.
  • Once the lead is converted into a customer, the details of product purchase, service subscription, contract period, terms and conditions, invoice, bills, payment vouchers and other data can be input through the user interface.
  • This data can be used to generate reports for payment history, outstanding balances, books of accounts, credit details etc.
  • Customers will be able to get details of their accounts, new product and service launches, discounts and offers etc.

Market Analysis with Best CRM for Small Business

As an entrepreneur your needs to analyze the markets for potential leads, probable risks, competition levels, changing customer preferences and lifestyles are considered to be very important.

  • The system can translate the data into useful information regarding existing market potential in specific regions and communities. For example you can get to know about the potential leads for your herbal skin care products in the South Dakota region among women aged between 18 and 30. This will enable you to focus your marketing efforts on this community to get better results.

best crm for small business

  • The system can generate sales trends for a particular product or group of products in a specific region for the past X months. This information can also be presented in the form of a line or bar chart. By just looking at the chart you will be able to gauge the ups and downs in the trends. You can choose specific high and low points to analyze the probable reasons behind them. Based on the results you may be able to take better decisions for strengthening the potential points. You can also take corrective measures to overcome the problems through the decision support system of the best CRM for small business.